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18-19 August 2018

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Join us for GrillJS 2018, a gathering of JavaScript & React enthusiasts from around the world.

GrillJS is Polish outdoor single-track community-driven conference fully dedicated to ReactJS lib and JavaScript language. The conference will be held in Wrocław in August 18-19. During the two day event we are going to discuss the topics which are the most crucial for JavaScript community, such as: best practices, development process and the future of JavaScript. Come and exchange the knowledge and experience, talk over projects with other JavaScripters in relaxing & enjoyable environment.

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Day 1
Day 2
15:00 - 16:15
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16:25 - 17:05
Make the Web Brighter with the CSS Paint API
Vitalii Bobrov

Using experimental CSS features in production is a web developer dream!

Do you want to extend CSS functionality with your code? During this talk, I will show how to programmatically generate an image for any CSS property that can use pictures with CSS Paint API. We will go from basics to advanced features through amazing practical examples. With few lines of JavaScript, you could create and register own CSS functions similar to linear-gradient.

Afterward, you will be able to develop polyfills for a feature from spec draft or create cool backgrounds with code, with safe fallbacks that you can use in production right now.

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17:30 - 18:10
Delicious barbecue, sausages, steaks and more grilled over charcoal. Take a rest and talk with other JS masters.
18:15 - 18:55
Writing Declarative Controllers with RxJS 6
Eric Adamski

Writing large NodeJS applications can quickly lead to out of control spaghetti code. Using services and controllers can help you avoid some of the sprawl. But how do you write cohesive, declarative, consistent server side JavaScript that scales?

This will be a talk on writing declarative controllers and services leveraging RxJS’s functional programming style with the new 6 API.“

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19:00 - 19:40
Mastering CORS in complex JavaScript-based applications
Thomas Witt

CORS is an integral security concept of every browser - which can be unfortunately very complex. When creating complex JS applications, it is important to understand the fundamentals of CORS and its implications to security and performance of your application.

When writing JavaScript applications which consume data from different APIs and services, it is crucial to understand the concept of Content Security Policies (CSP) to prevent code injection attacks resulting from malicious content in web pages. CSP provides a standard method for website owners to declare approved origins of content that browsers should be allowed to load on that website.

During the creation of our cloud-based Content Management System Scrivito ( which uses ReactJS, we’ve learned a lot about CORS and CSPs – and that getting it right can has severe performance implications, which can impact your JS application.

He will give the audience an introduction to these topics and also give practical tips concerning the do’s and don’t.

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19:45 - 20:25
Serverless and React on AWS
Piotr Giedziun

In this talk, Piotr will provide an overview of serverless architecture, its benefits and common misconceptions. We will focus on AWS services (AWS AppSync, AWS Lambda, Amazon Cognito and AWS Amplify) to dig into the implementation details.

Bulding apps with realtime and offline capabilities is costly and challenging. Will AWS AppSync help us? Why should we be exited? Join the session and find out 🙂

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20:30 - 21:15
Lightning talks
Prepare very short presentation lasting only a few minutes.
  1. Olga Stefaniuk - CSS Grid in a nutshell
  2. Kornelia Kobiela - Generate your scaffolder!

6 minutes per lightning talk only.

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Forest Party
Take a rest and spend a good time with other JavaScript dev in GrillJS Forest Bar.
09:00 - 09:40
Basics of testing React applications
Wiktor Czajkowski

This presentation will try to answer following questions:

  • What is the purpose of testing?
  • What kinds of tests are there?
  • What makes a good test?
  • How to test parts of the application that are difficult to test?
  • How to do make sure crucial parts of the application are covered by tests?
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09:45 - 10:25
Use Reason in your React applications
David Kopal

Reason is a syntax on top of Ocaml that compiles not only to JavaScript but to native
and bitecode as well. Join me, and discover the power of the built-in type
system and functional programming features. You’ll see for yourself how easy it
is to build a React app using Reason as we’ll go through the source code of
such app. In doing so, you’ll learn Reason’s core principles as well.

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10:30 - 11:10
How your JavaScript skills apply in the blockchain space
Michał Załecki

Description: Learn how with a little bit of effort you can level up your career and start working on blockchain-enabled, decentralized applications (dApps) and be at the forefront of Web 3.0 revolution.

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11:15 - 11:55
Web Accessibility in a Nutshell
Oleksandr Tryshchenko

There are plenty of fears and prejudice around web accessibility. Unfortunately, it’s often is considered as something complicated and people are avoiding doing it as something expensive and not reasonable.

I’ll try to convince you that making several simple steps can dramatically improve the experience for users with limited possibilities. We’ll talk about standards, current implementation, and some hints how to get it done easily avoiding typical pitfalls.

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12:00 - 12:40
Scalable Best Practices for Your Development Team
Tejas Kumar

I currently work on a team that is heavily saturated with React. Understanding state management, application design, and structural patterns allow us to build scalable, sustainable apps, and develop robust, streamlined processes.

This talk aims to share some insights that might help the community build better software together.

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Delicious barbecue, sausages, steaks and more grilled over charcoal. Take a rest and talk with other JS masters.
13:30 - 14:10
My web app is better than yours!
Bartłomiej Pietrowski

… or is it? But what does it even mean for a web app to be better than the other one? Do devs, Q&A and users understand a “good web app” in the same way? When and why web can be better than native for mobile devices (yes yes, we will mention PWAs)? What tools can help us make our apps better and in which areas?

In this talk I would like to outline big picture on those topics mixed with my own hands-on project experiences and share practices/tools that might help you build modern web apps better. There will be more… but let me keep that for the talk itself :P

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This year, GrillJS will be located on Wzgórze Andersa in Wrocław. The hill is 2.5 kilometers from the city center. In the near distance there are hotels, restaurants, shops and AquaPark.

Wrocław is the largest town in western Poland. The city's major tourist attractions are: Panorama Racławicka, Ostrów Tumski , Wroclaw's fountain, Wroclaw's Dwarfs and Old Town-Historic Center.

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